Derek Palmer


Following a successful 30-year sales and marketing career, Derek commenced re-training as a Hypnotherapist and Licensed NLP Practitioner in 2007.

He specialises in Confidence Coaching and helps clients progressively build their self-esteem for maximum benefit in all areas of their lives.

How I Work
The majority of my clients are referred to me – by existing clients, or by fellow professionals – so they usually have some frame of reference about me before meeting me for the first time.

Free Initial Consultation
Notwithstanding this, I always offer an initial 45 minute consultation without charge for all prospective new clients. I believe this is vital. You need to feel completely comfortable working with me and I need the opportunity to assess your requirements so as to be able to take you on as a client in total confidence of being able to help you ... quickly, effectively and for good!

3 Stage Process
I have developed a structured (though flexible) approach to therapy which is enjoying a significant success rate.

Following our initial complimentary consultation, we then meet again for 3 sessions of 1½ hours; 1 hour; and ¾ hour respectively ... usually (though not always) at weekly intervals.

Within this structure, each and every client is given their own uniquely individual programme of therapy built around Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Meridian Energy Therapies.

In addition, I always require my clients to fulfil “homework assignments” following each session. These are always designed to be interesting, insightful ... and FUN!!



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